Your Kick'n Bass Fishing Report for April 4, 2018

From the deck of the Kick’n Bass pontoon

Yahoo…. the lake is back to normal depths for this time of year. Rain, rain, go away!! Spider rigging has been our choice of fishing methods because we can cover a bunch of water and still fish slower for the fish tight to cover. Still a while before the spawn but getting close. Watch your pole tips carefully because the majority of bites were very subtle and hard to detect. Water is low so watch that Lowrance map and follow the channels…. unlike the bass boat we heard hit an underwater boulder a week ago.

Lake conditions
The water level has stabilized the lake level at 355.50. Normal for this time of year. Water has been sort of murky, but the water temp has been up to 58 degrees in the afternoon. Always use your GPS map for traveling on the lake.  
Here is a link to the TVA website.

Weather forecast

We have been spider rigging lately because of low water temps and the fish hanging tight to cover. Most fish we have caught are suspended up in the water column but also have caught fish near the very bottom. Basically, throw the kitchen sink at em! Been fishing the bays mainly but some folks are catching crappies in 28 feet of water. Jigs with a crappie nibble have been the ticket. For some reason, the nibbles have been catching more fish than minnows have. But then you meet someone at the fish cleaning station who slayed them on minnows…. that’s fishing I guess. We have been using a combination of Crappie hut jigs and Jenko jig bodies. Always start with a variety of colors and narrow them down to the most  successful.
Best colors have been a pink or dragonfly colored head from CH Jigs (CL03) with a midnight/pink Jenko jig body. Also, The Strike King Joker Style Electric Chicken has been hot. Best fishing has been in 13 feet of water and about 6 to 8 feet deep. If no minnow, I ALWAYS use a crappie nibble. Pink nibbles were best this week.

We have caught several white and yellow bass while rigging and that is the norm. If crappies are around, then the stripes are around too.

We haven’t caught many big largemouths but have caught a bunch of 12-inch fish.

Bluegills and Redears
Several smaller gills caught, but only one with much size to it.

April is completely full up, so if you see
the KnB pontoon on the water say hi!!

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