Your Kick'n Bass Fishing Report for July 16, 2018

From the deck of the Kick’n Bass pontoon

The dog days of summer came in fast and furious here at the Lakes. We have been using two different styles of fishing the last couple of weeks. What is funny is this time last year we were doing the opposite approach to what we are doing this year. We are cranking to start the day and then when that slows we start casting for whitebass. This approach has allowed us to put quite a mixed bag of fish in the boat. The last week we have caught just about every fish that swims in Kentucky Lake

Lake conditions

The water level is on a slow drawdown. We are at 358.8 and dropping some each day. You can check the link below for more info. TVA has a phone app also.

Weather forecast


Crappies have settled into their normal pattern on the main lake. Pulling Jenko and Arkie crankbaits has produced some nice fish. I have been varying my trolling speed between 1.6 and 2.1 mph. Seems the best colors this week have been the Jenko Sick and Pink Tiger crankbaits but that can change day to day. Fishing the deeper bays over brush and stake-beds has produced some bites but the main concentrations of fish are in the main lake. Put in the time to scan and come up with a pattern will get you on the fish.

Whitebass and Yellowbass

The whitebass report is the same as every summer. SteelShad bladebaits have been great using a yo-yo style of fishing. Let them sink to the bottom and steadily pull up about 6 feet. Pause there and then tightline the lure back to the bottom. Repeat back to the boat. On sunny days we use the silver colored baits and on cloudy days we have used the gold blades.
NOTE: SteelShad has come out with a bunch of new colors and sizes in recent months. The Kentucky Shad colored bait has been a knockout!
Check them all out on their website!! Some days we have been using 3/8-ounce inline spinners in white with a silver blade. Hit bottom then reel at a medium retrieve about 8 times around. Then open the bail and let the lure sink back to bottom. Repeat back to the boat. Jigging spoons have worked some also.


We have not fished for cats exclusively, but we have caught a ton fishing for other species. We have caught cats casting Steelshads and also trolling crankbaits. We even caught a 20+ Buffalo fish on a SteelShad…. they catch anything that swims.


We have caught quite a few largemouths the last few weeks fishing for other species. Either on SteelShads or crankbaits. I try to keep a sexy shad colored Arkie crankbait on at all times because that is a favorite color for bass. Reeling in a 4-pounder on a 14-foot rod is a treat!

Bluegills and Redears

I did not get the chance to fish for gills and redears this week but have caught some nice gills while trolling. A pattern I’ve used in the past is to find a long flat in about 10 feet of water and let the current slowly move the boat along. Bounce a piece of crawler on a bare hook with a split shot one foot above the hook and be ready.

Thanks again for taking us. We all had a good time! —Mike S. Little Rock, AR

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