Your Kick'n Bass Fishing Report for May 2, 2018

From the deck of the Kick’n Bass pontoon

Since my last report fishing has remained tough but the size of fish has been great. We have had a 16-inch white crappie and a 15-inch black crappie! Most of our fish have been of the 11 to 12-inch cookie cutter fish. It looks like this week we are going from winter to summer according to the ten-day report!! Felt good to get sunburnt today. Weather and fishing are stabilizing finally…. Let’s go fish!!

Lake conditions

Water temps are about 62 degrees in the morning and warming up to about 65 degrees in the afternoons. These temps are below average for this time of year. Water levels are at 360.50 and headed down to summer pool. TVA is pulling 160,000 cfs right now trying to stabilize the levels.

You can get the latest TVA info here:

Weather forecast


Until today, the weather and rising/lowering water level has really hurt the crappie bite. We have still done well one day and not the next. We have started pulling cranks exclusively because with these fish so scattered we need to cover a lot of water. Best colors have been Arkies hot pink, blue/green mixed colors and The Jenko Fishing chartreuse tiger color. Best speed has been 1.8 mph and all fish have been caught in 12 to 20 feet of water. Females today were caught in 17 feet of water and eggs look like one day away from spawning…. doesn’t look good for a great spawn this year but what do I know! Just stay the course and never give up and the fish will rebound here shortly!

Other Species

Same report as my last report on other species. Haven’t fished for any other types of fish but we have had incidental catches of largemouth, yellow bass (some good-sized fish) and a bunch of perfect eating sized whitebass. The whites and yellows had eggs that looked reddish and gritty… a sure sign of being close to their spawn. We even caught sauger, drum and bluegills all on cranks.

PoDunk Industries

The Millennium chairs that I use on the pontoon are very comfortable. The only complaints about them were that the straps were loose and in the wind, when you stood up, the chair would close behind you. Enter Rickie Culp. He is a professional tinkerer. He came up with an aluminum slotted arm to secure these chairs in either up or down position. You can see one in the center photo above. From the first day I used these arms it has meant a big difference in the performance of the chairs. And no more bulky straps flopping around in the down position. He has many other products that he has “tinkered” also. Give his website a look!

ATTABOY:   We had fun and would love to go out fishing with Captain Rich again!
—Danielle M. from Illinois

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